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Unlike sheer instinct, human nature involves individual thought as to how we should handle or improve various situations. As homo sapiens, we never know what will happen as a result, but each of us tries by doing what we think is the best solution. Here are some examples…

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Little Things in Life that Matter

It's my human nature not only to help other people when possible, but also wildlife. Therefore, I was delighted today by a very unusual scene in a local department store. The security guard was concentrating on tearing something off a big chunk and tossing small pieces onto the floor! An employee was nearby too, but she was smiling at the customers and talking to them, seemingly unconcerned.

Then I noticed that the guard wasn’t tossing whatever it was just randomly--he had made a pattern! I followed the pattern from his feet outwards, and then I saw it: a full-grown pigeon, on the floor heading to one of the doors to the store, toddling along and pecking at the pieces of what had to be food. The guard was luring it to the open door!

As for the employee, she wasn’t just standing there being pleasant. She was quietly motioning to incoming and outgoing customers to look down so they’d see the pigeon, and then use a door further down. And it was working! I wanted to stay to watch how it ended but didn’t want to instigate a crowd, so I left. But I was so delighted, I had to tell everyone about it after I left. Sure, it was just a little thing, but boy did it matter to me!


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Great article here and I love your blog too my friend. I must say you are an extraordinarily great writer. God bless you friend.

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