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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Best Method: Get Rid of & Kill Fruit Flies Naturally; Kitchen & Bathroom & a Picture

Normally I post insights regarding our human nature, but this problem affects so many of us, I felt compelled to address it here. If you’re like me, and fruit flies invade your kitchen or bathroom during hot weather, it’s only natural that we want to get rid of or kill them. We can’t peel or eat any fruit without them buzzing us like bomber jets. Often, when we’re in the bathroom brushing our teeth or merely washing, they swarm around. I’ve even seen them floating in our soap dish. After incompetent attempts at getting rid of or killing fruit flies over the past few years, I’ve finally found the best method to do the job. It’s easy, unobtrusive, and doesn’t use any chemicals. I’ve also included a picture to help you visualize what this entails.

Remember: avocados and tomatoes are fruits, not vegetables! The large pit in an avocado is a seed, while the mature ovaries in tomatoes (aka “love apples”) biologically contain seeds.

A healthy nutritional tip: Avocadoes help us absorb the lycopene in tomatoes, and the carotenoids in spinach, lettuce and carrots, so eat them together for a boost of nutrition! (Guacamole is a perfect example.) My article will better explain the interaction between avocados and specific vegetables.  And my one on “The Most Nutritious Lettuce and Vegetables for Salads” has helpful suggestions for making salads.  

Despite how diligently this best method works, and believe me it does, if you get a long heat wave with temps in the high 90’s to 100’s, don’t put any peels or fruit waste into your waste baskets in your home, or you’ll have to start the cycle all over again (although you can keep the same solution you’ve been using). Seal them in a bag or container, and at day’s end, throw them in the garbage outside.

So don’t despair! Just follow the few simple steps involved in the method I describe in my article, because it truly works the best. You will gain control over those pesky fruit flies and be able to get rid of (and kill) them naturally, whether they’re in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere. Hope the picture I’ve included helps. From my home to yours, all my best wishes in all your endeavors! Darlene

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